Retro 8-Bit Watch Really Takes Me Back

January 24, 2008


The Icon Watch costs about $82 and looks all blocky with its 8-bit styling. I like it. Nice and simple. Really takes me back. Back to the day when I invented a 4-bit watch and was doing great until some company trumped me with an 8-bitter and stole all my damn profits. Thanks a lot, dicks. You heartless moneygrubbing jerks. You will discontinue this line immediately or find out what a 4-bit foot jammed up your 8-bit b-hole feels like.

A couple more pictures after the jump, if you can't decide yet if you want one.



Thanks to Nick, who can tell accurate time just by looking at the sun, for the tip

Funshop Introduces 8-Bit Watch, Is Blocky [swongled]

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