Stop Being Spied On: The Camera Detector

January 31, 2008


Tired of the government spying on you? Tired of your perverted neighbor spying on you? Well put an end to it with the $25 Hidden Camera Detector from ThinkGeek.

When a wireless camera is detected, an LED light flickers and an audible alarm sounds. Advanced circuitry reduces false alarms from background interference and a sensitive tuner allows you to automatically scan variable distances and channels. The unit detects frequencies from 50MHz to 3GHz.

There you have it. Not bad for $25. I might actually get one. I know my girlfriend is spying on me. She's afraid she's going to catch me with another woman. And I'm afraid she's going to catch me prancing around in her lingerie singing Celine Dion.

ThinkGeek Product Page

Thanks to Melissa, who can spy on me any day, for the tip.

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