Portable Dreamcast Looks Nice, Shiny, White

January 7, 2008


Someone went and made a portable Dreamcast, named the DCp which stands for Dreamcast Portable, which is very c, which stands for clever. It features "a vacuum formed case, LCD screen, and stereo speakers. Best of all, it runs off of just two 7.2V 3Ah R/C car batteries for maximum portability." Sweet. The only weird thing is that the game CD is placed on the back, and there is no cover for it, so it spins freely right by your hands when you're holding it (hit the jump for a picture of the back). And, quite frankly, I worry about hitting the disk with a finger when I'm tearing up some Power Stone. I mean I have big hands. And you know what they say about a man with big hands don't you? That I'm an idiot.

Picture of the back after the jump.


Guy Builds World's First Dreamcast Portable, Runs Off R/C Car Batteries [techeblog]

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