New Gun Mouse Looks Like A Robot's Foot

January 23, 2008


Well we've posted other FPS gun-mice in the past, and now here comes another. With a more futuristic design than the other, this bad boy is just the thing you need to bust a cap in someone's ass with a rail-gun, ion-cannon, AWP, or whatever the hell else suits your fancy. The mouse features "five programmable buttons, gold plated USB connectors, and Teflon coated bottom grips". It also has a 2,000 DPI resolution and costs $73. I posted it for anyone out there that may be in the market for an ion-cannon mouse, but I'm not really feeling it. What I am feeling is my dog's bare a-hole against my arm. It feels kind of gross and cool at the same time.

FPS Gun Mouse equips you with the perfect virtual hand cannon [dvice]

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