NEC Flask Phones Contain Delicious Fuel

January 29, 2008


Want a see-through phone? Do you want it to run on liquid fuel? Do you want it available in a variety of pastel colors to suit your wardrobe? If so then NEC has the phone for you. Introducing the Flask Cell Phone! Featuring a transparent design with a touchscreen surface on one side, you can monitor your fuel usage (speculatively ethanol) by how much liquid is remaining in the device. When it runs out your phone won't work anymore, simple as that. NEC says they'll be shipping out sometime this year, so we'll see what happens. I'll be first in line, I don't care if the damn thing is pink. They claim the contents aren't for human consumption, but I know better than that. They just have to say that to keep the lightweights from drinking all that good cell phone juice inside. It'll f*** you up! No seriously, it will. For life.

A picture of the front of the phones after the jumparoo.


NEC reveals Flask Cell Phones, running on fuel cells and pure beauty [dvice]

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