Neat Idea: Whirly-Gig Helicopter Camera

January 28, 2008


Designer Tsunho Wang has developed the Flying Stick, which is a whirly-gig camera. You just rub it between your palms and let go. It takes off and snaps pictures at regular intervals and even has face recognition capabilities. Well it would if it was real. Right now it's still conceptual. Pretty cool though, I really want one. Far safer than my old method of taking shots from above, which was to climb a tree or get on the roof. Although this could be dangerous in its own way. You know , if it came down in your eye.

UPDATE: I just went outside and did a little experimenting, and I think I've come up with a great solution to aerial photography. This is what you do: You borrow your roommate's camera, set the timer, and right before it goes off you throw it as high as you can. Since it's not your own camera there's no need to worry about catching it, so there's no chance of bodily harm. You just let it fall.

UPDATE: Mike -- sorry about your camera dude. I went into your room to see if you were here and I saw it smashed to bits on your desk. Someone who really hates cameras must have broken into the apartment and spotted it. I'm not totally sure but I think they may have eaten the rest of your cereal and pissed in one of your dresser drawers too.

A couple more pictures after the jump.



Flying Stick Camera [yankodesign]

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