Nautilus Home Theater Is Freaking Awesome

January 25, 2008


Inspired by Jules Verne's classic novel, the Nautilus home theater is truly a work of art. It was designed by Dillon Works Inc. for Dallas-based dentist Randy Moran and his wife. It looks unbelievably awesome and is nearly 900 square feet. I just showed it to my girlfriend and told her I wanted something similar. "Yeah, too bad you're 20,000 Leagues Under Debt." "Well listen, I'm entering an intense land race called 'Around Your Fat Ass in 80 Days', and if I win then the prize money should be enough to cover it." And that, my friends, is what you tell someone when you want your privates bludgeoned with a Wiimote.

Several more must-see pictures and an equipment list after the dive.




Home Theater
Acoustic Innovations Royal CinemaChairs (11)
AMX MVP-7500 7.5" Modero ViewPoint Touch Panel
AMX NI-3000 NetLinx Integrated Controller
AMX PLK-SB2 SmartButton Keypad
AMX RDA-ENC6 Radia Lighting six-space enclosure
AMX RDD-DM6 Radia Lighting 6-Channel Integrated Dimmer Module
AMX RDM-2SWM Radia Lighting Dual Switch Module
AMX VST-TSTAT ViewStat Communicating Thermostat
AMX VSS2 Video Sync Sensor
BTX Motorized Drapery System
Delphi SA10000 Skyfi XM radio
Gold Medal #2660GT Antique Deluxe Sixty Special popcorn popper
InFocus ScreenPlay 7200 DLP projector
Kenwood Sovereign DV-5900M DVD changer
Kenwood Sovereign MX-5000 THX Ultra two-channel amplifier
Kenwood Sovereign VR-5900 audio/video receiver
LG LSS-3200A DirecTV HD satellite receiver
NHT Evolution U2 Component Subwoofer
Panamax MAX 4310 power conditioner/surge suppressor
Pioneer CLD-501 laserdisc player
ScreenResearch ClearPix2 screen
Solus DR-ir6 ribbon in-wall loudspeakers (8)
Solus DR-ir8 ribbon in-wall loudspeakers (6)

Inside The Nautilus [homeentertainment]

A big thanks to Brandon, whose home theater blows this one out of the water, for the tip

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