MP3 Player Looks And Acts Like A Cassette

January 18, 2008


The Cassette MP3 Player can be used as a stand alone MP3 player with headphones, or inserted into any cassette deck and played that way. It plays the music directly off the SD card and will function with the controls on your tape deck. Still, it's not the worst way to spend $22. Definitely better than stuffing it down the g-string of a stripper you've fallen in love with. Actually, no it's not. Well it's a lot better than blowing it all on booze. Nope, not that either. Okay, it has got to be better than paying a soccer team $22 to each running-kick you in your change purse as hard as they can. Eh, it might be better than that.

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Thanks to Melissa, who is awesome and can make a wicked mix tape, for the tip

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