MonsterHoodies Probably Won't Scare Kids

January 24, 2008


MonsterHoodies are hooded sweatshirts with teeth sewn into the hood and some googly eyes glued on. They're made by Jen Dunlap and Zach Smith (who I assume are the two in the pictures) and start shipping February 1st. They cost $60 (with free shipping) and are made from American Apparel Unisex California Fleece Zip Hoodies that normally cost $41. So if you’re skilled in the arts of sewing and gluing you could do it yourself and save a few coconuts. I have no skills whatsoever (I once glued my head to the desk), so I'm buying Dinosaurus Rex (the green one). The others, going clockwise are Neko Gato, Shark Bite, and Monster Kun -- which, incidentally, my girlfriend has one of.

UPDATE: While the hoodies themselves probably won't scare children, that face the girl is making in the upper right photo sure will.

MonsterHoodies, Turn Yourself Into A Cute Monster [laughingsquid]

Thanks to Sebastian, who has never made out with a monster in his life, for the tip

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