Mold Your Mouse Into Any Shape You Want

January 30, 2008


Is your mouse not ergonomic enough? If you answered yes then here's the mouse for you. The Lite-On Technology Moldable Mouse is made from lightweight moldable clay covered by a nylon and polyurethane fabric. You mold it into the shape you want, slap on the buttons and scroll pad (which communicate with the device via radio) and you're good to go. The design was even good enough to win a Red Dot Design Award. I know I really need one -- I think I'm getting crappy tunnel from my non-ergonomic mouse. This would be great for people like me or anyone that was born with a lobster claw instead of an arm. And if you were born with a lobster claw instead of an arm I want to eat it.

Lite-On Technology Mouldable Mouse Offers Advanced Innovative Ergonomics [tfts]

Thanks to Melissa, who was born with angel wings, for the tip

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