Mario Cupcakes Don't Provide Invincibility

January 22, 2008


In today's delectable news, a flickr user that goes by 'hello naomi' has officially become a cupcake goddess according to the Geekologie writer. Asked for further comment the writer responded "I'd eat the hell out of those things." They do look amazing don't they? This woman has clearly got skills in the kitchen *elbows girlfriend*. But be careful eating something like this, because once I made a Mario star cupcake and expected invincibility like in the game. I ran outside and punched the first guy I could find, which happened to be the mailman. He beat me within inches of my life.

Hit continue to see a set of Pac-man cupcakes the saint of sweets also created.


pac-man cupcakes make mouths happy [technabob]

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