Man Mods Motorcycle To Look Like Mini Jet

January 17, 2008

A man took a Honda Goldwing motorcycle and, with a bunch of modification, made it look like a little jet. It's pretty awesome looking, and the guy who made it is a nutcase. That being said, I want to take it for a spin. But first I need some bombs and missiles up in that mother. The dude says if you went over 80 - 85 MPH it might take off, which I doubt, but hey, the man can dream can't he? I know I dream all the time. Like last night I dreamed I was totally doing it with an ex-girlfriend. When I woke up all my current girlfriend's stuff was moved out and I had two black eyes and my testicles hanging in a blender. There was a note that said if I moved the blender would puree my balls. I figured it was some sort of Saw joke. It wasn't. R.I.P. My nuts.

Honda Motorcycle Modded Into Jet Fighter [boingboing]

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