Man Makes Chairs By Melting Weird Plastics

January 21, 2008


Tom Price, a designer from London, has made a line of chairs by melting different plastics with a seat-shaped mold. We posted a picture of the rope chair back in June, and here comes the rest of the series. As you can tell it looks like a ball of PVC tubing with a turd-like seat in the middle. I'm finding myself strangely attracted to it. I think it's because it makes no sense whatsoever, like my girlfriend. I mean I rarely have any idea what the hell she's talking about. I guess if I paid attention that would help, but it's really hard with her being so uninteresting. Ha, just kidding honey, you're awesome. And by awesome I mean you're boring and I can't stand you. Yeah that's right, we're breaking up via Geekologie post. Oh god put down that knife. Listen readers -- if there isn't another post in an hour somebody call the morgue. Or Domino's if you're getting hungry.

His other designs, along with a video of the rope chair being made, after the jump.



Tom Price

Thanks to Hailey, who makes me wish I lived in Australia, for the tip

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