Man Builds Huge LEGO Ship, It Is Awesome

January 21, 2008


Mark Kelso, a LEGO brick artist, spent nine months making a huge spaceship. And it's actually a scale model of General Grevious' ship the Invisible Hand from Star Wars Episode III. It's 73 inches long, weighs about 30 pounds and, according to my calculation, has betwen 6 and 8 vajillion pieces. Which is a lot. And which is a real number. I'm not carrying this calculator because I don't know math. Actually I don't know why I'm carrying a damn calculator. Oh wait, it's a PSP. That's right, I was playing video games.

A ton more pictures of the ship after the jump, check them out.







Lego Master Completes 30-Pound Star Wars Starship Model [gizmodo]

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