Man Builds Art Slotcar Tracks, They Look Fun

January 11, 2008


Martin Markeli is an artist that builds a lot of customized slotcar tracks. Some of his tracks are pretty intricate, which explains their up to €10,000 (~$14,800) pricetag. I know I want one, but I'll probably just work on building my own for way, way cheaper. Mine is going to have Ninja Turtles and Barbie dolls standing around watching the race. I may even dress them up provocatively if I'm in the mood. Make sure to check out the extra pictures after the jump, along with the videos. But be warned -- the 3rd video is NSFW because Martin spliced pictures of naked women into it. Proving beyond a reasonable doubt that he's 10 year old.

And that the video won't last long on Youtube.

For the pictures and videos, follow me over the rainbow.





Two clean videos:

NSFW video:

Martin Markeli

thanks to Stefan, who I wish I could be as cool as, for the tip

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