Make Your Own Custom Sharpie Pens

January 25, 2008


I used Sharpies all the time -- for labeling, drawing, and scribbling on my passed out girlfriend. In a shocking annoucement Sharpie has decided to allow you to customize your own pens with personalized message, clip art, and font choices. Why? The hell if I know, I don't work for damn Sharpie. What I do know is a 6-pack costs $12 and a 12er runs $22. I'm pretty sure they all have to have the same message though, which sucks. And so does the list of things you can't do:

**Please do not use any obscenities or offensive phrases. Be bold, but don't offend! **No celebrity names, please! Unless of course it's YOUR name! **No professional sports team names - we know you love them, but we want to respect their trademarks too! **No names of major events or landmarks. **No product names, trademarked names, copyrighted names or business names! **No school/college/university names! Use your imagination to find other ways to show your school spirit!

Wow, way to zap the fun out of pen customization, Sharpie. I still sent in an order just for the hell of it, but they emailed me back saying they wouldn't make them for. I tried to explain Cock B. Dragon was my given name, but they didn't falling for it.

Personalized Sharpies [notcot]

Sharpie page, which I used to make the ones in the picture.

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