MacWorld 2008, Introducing The MacBook Air

January 15, 2008


The new MacBook Air isn't actually invisible like I first suspected. Nor does it float. It's just way thin and has no optical drive. The Air rocks a 13.3" screen, is 0.76 inches at the thickest, weighs 3 pounds, and features a multi-touch trackpad. It comes with an ultrathin 80GB hard drive, but you've got the option for a 64GB solid-state drive if you prefer yours with no moving parts. Part of the Air's appeal is its incredible wireless diversity. You can install software on the machine by "borrowing" the disk drive of another computer and having it send the data to the Air. You can also transfer files wirelessly from another computer or the new Time Capsule external HD/Wi-Fi station. The 1.6GHz with 80GB standard hard drive starts at $1,800. The 1.8GHz with 64GB solid-state hard drive starts at $3,100. Both models begin shipping in two weeks and neither has a removable battery.

I apologize for not being able to post this earlier, but I was kicked out of MacWorld for "being a complete dick" and "peeing on the floor", both of which I contest. While I did punch that overzealous fanboy (see picture), it was because the little bastard kept stepping on my new shoes (that and his haircut). And as for the public urination charge -- that was just the ziplock of bourbon I had taped to my leg leaking. Long story short: I made out with two female cops, jumped out of a speeding police car, caught the last wild unicorn with my bare hands, flew it across the border to Mexico, sold the unicorn for a bottle of spanish fly and admission to a donkey show, and now I'm in a bar drinking cheap tequila and blogging. And that, my friends, was MacWorld 2008 for the Geekologie writer. See you next year Steve!

The MacBook Air [engadget]

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