Life Hearts Shirt Is Zelda-ish, Light Up

January 31, 2008


The 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirts From ThinkGeek remind me of playing Zelda and cost $25 apiece (but you're going to need two). When you're far away from your lady/man friend wearing the other shirt your hearts deplete to 2 1/2. When you come within 2 meters of your special someone your meter goes back to a full 6 hearts. Which sure as hell isn't enough to beat Ganon unless you have a bunch of red potions hidden somewhere. Sadly, I don't have anyone to give my matching shirt to. But thankfully ThinkGeek also sells a $12 transmitter that will set your shirt off when you near it. Just set it close to something you love and TA-DA!, you're still lonely. I'm gonna set mine next to the ice cream because *sniffle* it's all I have in the world.

Another picture and a video of the shirts in action after the jump. Warning: Major geek alert.


Thinkgeek Product Page

Thanks to Jennifer, who has guys fighting over who can wear the matching shirt, for the tip

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