LEGO Star Wars Steampunk Contest Is Rad

January 24, 2008


A week or two ago someone sent a tip about the LEGO Star Wars Steampunk contest, and I forgot all about it. So whoever that was let me know, and I'll give you the proper credit you're due. Anyways, there's a contest going on over at the FTBD (From Bricks to Bothans) forums until the end of the month where you steampunkify a vehicle from Star Wars and post it for judging. The entries have been rolling in, and some of the creations are absolutely ridiculous. These people have got some serious imaginations and LEGO building talent. It's weird how that works -- some people are good at some things and others are good at other things. Like these people are great at constructing wicked steampunk Star Wars vehicles, and I'm good at, well, sucking at life.

Hit the jump for a bunch more vehicles and make sure to check out the link to the contest page for all the bad-assness.








Steampunk LEGO Steam Speeder Spurs Swooning Sensations [gizmodo]

FTBF Steampunk Star Wars Contest Page

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