LEGO Beowulf Dioramas: Lots Of LEGO Blood

January 7, 2008


Brickshelfer MicahBerger made some pretty good looking Beowulf dioramas featuring gratuitous blood and violence, which, as we all know, is mandatory for a good LEGO diorama. They're appropriately titled "Then came Grendal...He bore God's wrath". And based on the look of these things, there is definitely being some wrath being bored. So it's a good name. You know what else is a good name? La Deda Dingdong, which is actually the name of one of my dog's grandmothers. If you think I'm lying you're wrong. I only lie to my wife. And only about stuff that doesn't matter, like what happened to her engagement ring (I pawned it for $2,000 in ones to spend at a strip joint).

Check out several different pics of the carnage after the jump, and follow the Brickshelf link at the bottom for the whole gallery.





Bloodcurdling Beowulf Diorama Shows the Versatility of Little Plastic Bricks [uberreview]

Brickshelf Gallery

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