Laptop Bookbag Finds WiFi Signals, Strength

January 11, 2008


Well we've seen watches and shirts that have WiFi detection capabilities, and now there's a more practical one -- a laptop bag. Made in a variety of styles (bookbag, messenger bag, luggage-style roll around), each bag has a little LCD readout on top that indicates when a WiFi connection has been located and displays its signal strength. The bookbag goes for 34,40€ (~$51). Or you can save the money and do what I do, which is walk around with your laptop out and open at all times. Sure I've broken several from dropping them, but I'll be damned if I'm caught wearing a ridiculous bag. . I mean, bags are for that crazy lady who pushes a shopping cart full of them up and down the street and smells bad. That’s why we call her the bag lady. And it’s not a positive connotation. Although I did talk to her when I was stumbling home drunk one night. I ended up slipping her the tongue. Yeah, until she bit it off and swallowed it. Romantic, I know -- I think we're soulmates.

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thanks to Melissa, who is so so so so so beautiful, for the tip

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