Jet Wing: Not A Jetpack But I'll Still Take It

January 24, 2008


We've posted different jetpacks here before, and let's face it, jetpacks are awesome as hell. We also posted the Vampire 2 Wingsuit, which was pretty sweet in its own way. And now comes a sort of hybrid of the two, the Personal Jet Wing.

Basically you jump out of a plane with this thing strapped on and glide to an altitude around 8,000 feet. Then you kick on the engines and about 30 seconds later you're stabilized and flying horizontally. After ignition you reach speeds in excess of 115MPH and have enough juice to fly for 4-6 minutes. While that doesn't sound like a whole lot, I imagine it's more than sufficient time to fill your entire flight suit with excrement.

Check out a video (in French and German) after the jump. The flying starts around 3:00.


DO WANT: Personal Jet Wing [ohgizmo]

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