It's About Time: Self-Assembling Bionic Eyes

January 22, 2008


Finally, bionic vision. I've been waiting for this technology forever, and apparently it's right around the corner, waiting to pounce on me like a mugger. We have a group of electrical engineers from the University of Washington to thank for this awesome step into the future. The idea was to provide a means of streaming information in your field of vision without the use of some goofy looking glasses.

Sporting circuits a few nanometers thick and grain-of-sand-sized light-emitting diodes, the lenses have full Count Zero potential. They're also the product of some ingenious hackery: since contact lenses are delicate and circuit manufacture is hot and toxic, the researchers designed each component to attach itself only to certain other components. Their powder of circuits and diodes literally self-assembled into gadgetry when sprinkled onto the lens plastic.

The engineers say they'll have basic models out "fairly quickly", but the cooler wireless-enabled and radio/solar charging ones will take longer. And sadly, at this end of this post, I come to the realization that bionic vision has nothing to do with seeing through a woman's shirt.

Self-Assembling Bionic Eyes Coming Soon [wired]

Thanks to Sebastian, who doesn't need any special technology to get to see a woman's hooters, for the tip

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