It's About Time: A Microwave On The Go

January 25, 2008


Phil Davis is an inventor. An inventor with a dream. An inventor with a dream of a microwave in the bathroom.

Davis said he came up with the idea for the I-Wave when he was thinking about using a hot towel on his face while in the bathroom, and asked himself why a microwave can't be in the bathroom and bedroom.

Ah yes, the old microwave in the bathroom conundrum. Been There Phil, been there. You're on the right track, but you need a mini-fridge/freezer attachment as well, or it's pointless. A microwave in the bathroom is only as good as the number of Pizza Bites and Hot Pockets you have within arm's reach of the john. *Ding* Oh, gotta go -- breakfast biscuit's ready.

iWave Cube [sharperimage]

Thanks to Melissa, who can cook me breakfast anyday, for the tip

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