In Your Dreams: Panasonic's 150" Plasma

January 8, 2008


Panasonic unveiled the new reigning king of plasma televisions at CES '08, the 150-incher. As you call tell from the picture of it next to last year's wimpy 103-inch, the thing is freaking huge. Oh yeah, I guess the lady is there for reference too. Anyways, the thing rocks 2k x 4k resolution, roughly four times that of a 1080p set, runs on 220 volts, and is totally freaking huge and so so so so awesome. I want it so bad I'm crying. Literally. And not just because my girlfriend kicked me in the balls when I said I love this TV more than her. Although I did say that and it is true.

A bunch more pics and a link to the gallery after the jump.







First 150-Inch Lifescreen Plasma Photo Gallery [gizmodo]

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