I'm In Love With The Day-To-Night Solar Dress

January 24, 2008


Well we've posted unusual dresses (must watch if you haven't seen it before) and solar bikinis here in the past, and now there's a solar dress making its way down the runway.

The Day-For-Night dress is a modular, reconfigurable dress comprised of 448 white circuit boards (although the number changes as the dress can get longer or shorter). Each tile is designed in such a way as to accommodate a solar cell, a RGB LED, or a photocell, and jumper connectors (in the form of 0 Ohm resistors). A control board provides power, communicates with the tiles, and links to a computer via RF. The dress is completely modular both in terms of software and hardware.

To be honest I have no idea what that means because I didn't bother reading it. I just copied and pasted it there with the hope that it would make sense and answer any questions you may have. I apologize, but I've been preoccupied with staring at the picture. I think I'm in love with that model. She's just the way I like my women -- leggy, scantily clad, and faceless from the nose up. Yow Yow!! Did I really just yell that? You're damn right I did, and I meant it.

Day-for-Night solar dress turns on more than just light bulbs [dvice]

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