The 5 Friend MP3 Player Headphone Splitter

January 8, 2008


Well it looks like I'll be living vicariously though others' posts of the CES due to my wife being a cheapskate and pissing our money away on stupid stuff like "the mortgage" and "food" instead of buying me a plane ticket like a responsible woman would. Up next from the show: the Belkin Rockstar, a headphone splitter that lets you plug up to 5 sets into one MP3 player. The thing comes out in March and will go for right around $20. Why it's called the Rockstar is kind of a mystery to me, unless it's because the thing is star shaped. Because I'm pretty sure real rockstars can each afford their own damn MP3 player. Still a handy device though if you need something for pumping sweet Michael Bolton tunes to the participants in your next circle jerk. Which, I might add, I have never participated in. There were only three of us so it was more a triangle than a circle. Ah, dorm life.

Rockstar MP3 player headphone splitter draws a crowd [dvice]

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