Heat Sensitive Toilet Seat Provides Clues

January 3, 2008


When I first saw this picture, before I read the article, I assumed it was a heated toilet seat that changed color to let you know if you were about to sit on a cold seat. Well, it's actually the opposite. The Thermochromatic Toilet Seat was designed to warn you whether another individual has used the unit recently. Apparently because it's disturbing to sit on a seat still warm from another's rear. I personally seek out the hot seat, but that's just me. What I typically do is stand on the tank of a toilet in an adjacent stall, peering over the wall waiting for the person to stand up. As soon as they do I leap over the divider and seat myself before they've even got their pants up. I'm telling you, I like them hot.

Thermochromatic Toilet Seat [ubergizmo]

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