HDR Images Of Japan Are Beautiful, Stunning

January 18, 2008


My wife has been into HDR photography for awhile now, so I've seen some pretty awesome examples of what you can do with HDR. For those of you that aren't familiar with High Dynamic Range photography, it's pretty neat. Basically you take several photos of the exact same scene using different exposure values. That way you get photos that have the darkest darks, and other with the lightest lights. Then you combine the photos (Photoshop even has an option for this) and presto, High Dynamic Range. A lot of the pictures turn out unworldly, and I think they look like they were rendered for a video game. I have a few examples of my own that I'd show you, but they're private photos. Literally, pictures of my privates.

Hit continue for a bunch more awesome HDR images around Japan, along with a link to Flickr's Japan HDR photo pool. I think the last picture of the truck is unbelievable.






Fantastic Japanscapes [pinktentacle]

Flickr Japan HDR Photo Pool

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