Hate Waking Up: Fire Bell Alarm Clock Hack

January 15, 2008


I don't have trouble waking up in the morning because I have a cat that lets me know it’s time to rise by sticking his b-hole to my face. But if you don't have such a considerate cat then maybe you need something a little more serious. How about a fire bell alarm clock? I can guarantee it's loud enough to wake you up or give you a heart attack. While it looks pretty easy to make, I wouldn't suggest it unless you're really hard of hearing or just hate life. While I may install one in my girlfriend's shed to ensure she's not late for work, I'll be sticking (literally) to my kitty’s suction a-hole alarm.

Video tutorial after the jump.

Fire Alarm Bell Alarm Clock - World's loudest alarm clock? [hackedgadgets]

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