Handpresso: For (Cold) Espresso Anywhere

January 16, 2008


The Handpresso is what is born when a rogue bike pump makes its way into your house from the garage and humps your coffee maker. It's a portable espresso machine -- all you need is a little coffee pod filter thing and some water. Where you get hot water on the go is a mystery to me, unless you tote a thermos around all the time. The unit costs 99€ (~$145) and could be worth it if you're a die-hard espresso fanatic that can't go 30 minutes without a fix. I'll pass, because I don't like espresso due to the caffeine in it. Caffeine, after all, is a drug -- and drugs are bad. Now a portable still for making moonshine -- that my friends, would be something worth considering.

Two videos of the thing after the jump. But a warning: the second is a little suggestive. And by 'a little suggestive' I mean it suggests that espresso comes out of a man's penis in a movie theater.

Product Site

thanks to Heath, who urinates delicious (and hot) espresso, for the tip

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