Guitar Hero Controller Mod: The Turntable

January 8, 2008

Aaron Skillman, who is both skilled and a man, made a custom turntable Guitar Hero controller. You scratch the record to strum, and hit the buttons with your other hand. Based on the video it looks pretty good. Almost as good as the Guitar Hero controller mod I made for my girlfriend, which is a vacuum cleaner. What I did was glue some colored LEGO blocks to the handle of the vacuum and tell her to push them while she's vacuuming. Then she went and broke the green one off when she was trying to vacuum a dust bunny from under the couch. I told her she broke the controller and I was going to have to seize her next paycheck to pay for a new one. Then I just glued another LEGO on that night.

Custom Guitar Hero Turntable Controller [boingboing]

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