Geekologie: 2008 Tech Blog Of The Year

January 25, 2008


Well by divine miracle (and my l33t haxoring) Geekologie has been nominated for a Bloggie in the 2008 Best Computers or Technology category. I would like to thank you all for your support and urge you to take a trip over to the Bloggies website and cast a vote for Geekologie. As you can see we're up against some pretty stiff competition. Real stiff. Stiff as hell. The big dogs. But like that story in the bible where the one little dude eats six dozen eggs and a gallon of milk to beat the other bigger dude in the eating contest, you never know.

And if by some fluke Geekologie does win I hereby swear I'll pound an entire fifth of bourbon and convince my girlfriend to have a threesome. I'll even take pictures. Hell, I may even hire Sears Portrait Studio -- after all, this is the bigtime. Now get out there and vote so we can stick it to the man. And by 'the man' I mean my father. He still thinks I'm just some loser that lives in the basement and steals his beer.

2008 Bloggies

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