FOZI Tripod Is Plastic, Foldable, Fits In Wallet

January 10, 2008


The FOZI tripod is a little piece of plastic you can keep in your wallet. When you need to take good naked pictures of yourself to send to internet love interests you fold it, insert tab A into tab receptacle B, and presto -- a tripod. It can hold cameras, phones and portable media devices at four different angles, depending on if you're going for an above the waist shot or the full monty. They cost $6 shipped in Australia and $9 to the US, Canada, UK or New Zealand. It might not be a bad idea to have a little plastic tripod in your wallet at all times. Could come in handy. Like the time I got drunk with Bigfoot and a chupacabra and wanted to take a group picture but didn't have a tripod. Oh those were good times. Well, until Bigfoot called Mr. Chupacabra a pussy. It was an epic battle, but Bigfoot went down in the end.

A video of the thing in action if you can't imagine how it works.

FOZI Tripod

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