Fire Extinguisher Fights Fires With Balls

January 28, 2008


This conceptual fire extinguisher from designer Woo Seok Park comes packed with both oxygen tanks (for breathing) and fire-retarding powder balls (for retarding fires). So if your house is ablaze you grab this sucker and make your way to an exit while puffing the oxygen and tossing the balls.

The user rolls or throws the capsules toward the fire. The capsule, made of a material that reacts to high temperatures, will explode when it reaches the fire. Thus, the user does not need to get close to the fire in order to put it out. The elasticized body of the capsule enables it to absorb shock when it is thrown.

Sounds good. Just hope you don't run out of balls. I certainly wouldn't though, because I happened to have been born with three extra. While I haven't tested their fire-fighting capabilities, they've certainly extinguished my sex life.

Another picture of the device releasing a ball, after the jump.


Roll to Put a Fire Out [yankodesign]

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