E-Paper Slap Bracelet: Not As Dangerous As Its Predecessor, Which Was Really Dangerous

January 29, 2008


The Chocolate Agency, which sadly has absolutely nothing to do with delicious cocoa, has designed the conceptual E-Paper Slap Bracelet. It's an MP4 player in which the entire surface acts as a thin, high contrast and energy efficient screen. As an added bonus it needs no charging -- it's powered by the kinetic energy produced by moving your arm. Say, did you know when slap bracelets first came out they were just a piece of rusty metal covered in plastic or cloth? Yeah, me neither, well at least not until the lockjaw set in.

Another conceptual picture after the jump.


E-Paper slap bracelets - carry books, pics, and videos on your wrist [sparkingtech]

Thanks to Melissa, who is not conceptual but rather a real-life, beautiful woman, for the tip

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