Din-ink Pen Utensils: Never Without Flatware

January 23, 2008


These Din-ink pen cap utensils recently tied for first place in Designboom's 'Dining in 2015' contest. They're made of biodegradable materials and are pretty clever. These would be great for some people at work, but personally I'm not a big fan of using utensils. I like to eat standing over a sink with my meal wrapped in a paper towel. Sure it sucks for soups, pasta, and pretty much everything that isn't a sandwich, but I don't eat those things anyways. Unfortunately for me, there is no kitchen sink at work, so I only have three options for comfortable dining. 1. eating over the water fountain, 2. eating over a restroom sink, and 3. eating over a urinal. Please note: Due to health concerns I have lowered the 'dropped food rule' from 5 seconds to a much safer (and hygenic) 4 seconds.

Din-ink Utensils [notcot]

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