Device Allows You To Listen To The Quiet

January 29, 2008


The Otto is a device that you can attach to almost anything via its suction pads/magnets and listen to noises that would otherwise be inaudible. I really, really want one. I used a stethoscope to listen to my Sea Monkeys, but it sucked because you have to be right up against the tank to hear. I just want it playing out loud all the time. I swear, those little monkeys were a riot. "Does this guy really think we're monkeys?" "Somebody needs to tell that dumb asshole we're shrimp, not monkeys -- we can't eat a whole banana." "I actually think he's retarded." That's all I really heard before I emptied their tank into the toilet and flushed them.

Another picture of the device attached to a window, after the jump.


Otto Lets You Hear The Unhearable [gearfuse]

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