Cufflinks Let Others Know Your Availability

January 14, 2008


Much to my chagrin I bought a shirt over the weekend that requires cufflinks. I was drunk and thought I was in the electronics department, so I was throwing money around like I was going to get hit by a bus that afternoon and die (which I almost did). Well at any rate I'm stuck with it. But thankfully I'm not stuck with a set of $155 Tateossian Sexuality Cufflinks.

The Tateossian Sexuality Cufflinks come with phrases such as 'Desperate', 'Adulterous', 'Married', ‘Divorced’, ‘Available’, ‘Curious’ and ‘Swinger’ and are sure to serve not only as particularly stylish cufflinks but as potential invaluable ice-breakers at parties.

Yeah, totally stylish and a great ice-breaker. Whatever ice could possibly be broken with these cufflinks is best left intact. Because breaking it will send you plunging into the murky depths of Lake Masterbatonia, not to the Kingdom of Poonville like you expected.

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Thanks to Melissa, whose cufflinks are set to 'Stun'-ning, for the tip.

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