Climate Control Keeps You At A Comfy Temp

January 8, 2008


Displayed at CES 2008, the C2 Climate Control from Herman Miller is a little personal climate controller. It keeps the 18" of air between you and the device just the temperature you like. It runs on less than 1.5 amps and even has some filtering capabilities in case anyone around you toots real bad. The cost? $280. Yeah, so that seems pretty steep. Who knows, maybe it's worth it (I doubt it). But let me tell you what I do to maintain a comfortable temperature -- If I'm too cold I write a note on my hand reminding myself to wear pants to work next time. If I'm feeling really hot I make passes at my female coworkers before I start feeling ugly again. That, or dial one of those phone-sex hotlines on the company's dime.

C2 Climate Control [ubergizmo]

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