Cliche Super-Villain T-Shirt Is Questionable

January 22, 2008


We posted the 56 Geek Poster awhile ago, and here comes something similar -- the League Of Cliche Evil Super-Villains t-shirt. As you can see it's a shirt featured cliche super-villains. You've gotta admit, it would look good hanging on a rack at the thrift store. They run $15-$17 from Threadless, depending on the style of shirt you want. I actually just posted this because I've been getting lots of fan mail from beautiful women asking if I'm really as handsome as I seem. Well I am. If you look at the picture there and imagine a face 1/3 Dark Priest, 1/3 Evil Genius, and 1/3 Evil Ninja, you'd pretty much have me. Except I wear a top hat over my ninja gear. You know, for extra class.

EDITOR'S UPDATE: I've seen the Geekologie writer before and he doesn't look like that. He's more a cross between Butch Henchwoman and Brain Man but way, way uglier. Oh, and the chick he's dating looks like the Bog Creature.


The League of Cliche Evil Super-Villains by Joshua Kemble [laughingsquid]

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