Buy: Indiana Jones LEGO Sets Now Available

January 4, 2008


The Indiana Jones LEGO sets just went on sale, and I must say: I love Indiana Jones and LEGO! There I said it, the cat is out of the grocery bag. I know what you're thinking -- so do you! That is so rad, we should totally get together sometime and have a big ol' Indiana Jones party and build LEGO sets at the same time. My favorite is the Last Crusade. Yeah I would totally do the blonde chick in it, but I'd have to kill her right afterwards because she's a Nazi. You like the one where the guy gets chopped up in the plane's propeller? Me too! Yes, yes, and the one with the guy who pulls your heart out of your chest -- another great one! So icky. He makes Indy drink that blood out of the skull and it makes him go all batshit crazy and he bitchslaps Short Round. So good. Oh my god, I thought the sacred rock looked like a loaf of bread too!

A few more pictures after the jump, but hit the link at the end to see all the sets available.





LEGO Indiana Jones Set Collection Whips Us Into a Frenzy [gizmodo]

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