Beaver Casemod Is Scary, Disturbing, Furry

January 3, 2008


Well folks, someone went and did it. Someone stuffed a computer inside a beaver. Not that kind of beaver mind you, although I have lost a Wiimote in that kind before. Nope, I'm talking a dam making, wood chewing beaver. And that's pretty much all the info I have about it, not that anything else really needs to be known. Except with all those electronics in him, that mother might very well come back to life and shoot lasers out of his eyes and shit. Who knows? Not me. I didn't even know I wasn't wearing pants today until someone honked when I was getting the mail.

Several more pictures after the log-gnaw, but check the link at the bottom for pictures of the whole process.




Beaver Casemod [gethumor]

Thanks to Pofanktus, Lord of Beaver, for the tip

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