ATAX Survival: You're The Last Man Standing

January 11, 2008


The ATAX Survival Tool was designed by survivalist Ron Wood and has a lot of features that may come in handy if you find yourself the last human on earth (or drunk and lost in the woods).

You can either use it as a knife or lash it to a stick and use it like an axe. The high-carbon steel main blade measures 4-1/2″ with the tool’s overall length coming in at 5-1/2″. With the various metrics laser-etched on the blade, you can tell time (like with a sundial), measure angles, and judge distances. With some slingshot tubing, you can turn the ATAX into an arrow launcher for hunting game. The micarta handle conceals a small storage area for various survival items like matches and twine and MacGyver brand paper clips.

The unit sells for between $150-$200. The only problem I have with the thing is that it's impractical. If everyone else in the world is dead, then chances are there were zombies and/or vampires involved. So this thing should have tools specifically designed for the mass destruction of said beasts. I'd take this survival kit over the ATAX any day. And not just because a gun is included. Okay, mostly because a gun is included. Well that, and a Plexiglass shield.

ATAX Survival Tool [boingboing]

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