Seal The Deal With A Gadget: The iRing

January 22, 2008


Victor Soto, an artist, came up with the idea for iRings. "The band acts as a touch-sensitive function strip. Swipe your finger across the band to control media playback and volume." While only conceptual, the device would feature an OLED display, a two day battery life, and another reason for people to avoid human relationships. Who needs a woman/man anyways when you can marry an, um, iSomething? Sure it would still be better than my marriage, but so would getting hit by a car. Which is why I always go for the mail blindfolded.

Hit the jump for a graphical representation of the controls, along with a picture of me modeling the ring.



iRing bonds Apple fan, gadget in holy matrimony [dvice]

Thanks to Rachel, who knows better than to iMarry, for the tip

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