Air Guitar Is Real, Man. Dude, Totally Radical!

January 8, 2008

Well folks, it's official: playing the air guitar is real and can now make actual music. Featured at CES 2008, the Jada Air Guitar Rocker is a special little amp and belt buckle that make it all happen. The buckle detects your strumming via a special pick and plays the next chord in the song via a speaker. All you have to do to make the song sound good is strum at the proper tempo. Which, by default, makes you look like you're playing with yourself. And that's not necessarily a bad thing -- it works great for clearing out seats on a crowded bus. Trust me, I know my perverted friend knows.

Hear Air Guitar For Real Thanks To Nitrous Roxide [wired]

a big thanks to Lauren, who is intelligent, drop-dead gorgeous and smells great, for the tip

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