About Time: Draft Beer At Your Computer

January 9, 2008


We've seen refrigerators that cater to beer lovers, and even computer mods, but how about a plain and simple mini draft system to set up next to the computer desk? Introducing the Beertender, a little draft designed to work with the Heineken DraftKegs that came out recently. The thing runs $380, has an LCD readout with temperature and beer quantity left, and will keep beer fresh for 30 days (although anyone that takes 30 days to drink 5 liters of beer shouldn't be allowed to drink). It hits my computer desk in March of this year. And you know what else will be hitting my computer desk in March? My fist when I realize I'm tired of drinking Heineken and Heineken Light exclusively.

If you haven't seen it, I posted the Heineken DraftKeg commercial after the jump. The one featuring the android that I would totally marry if she could produce those kegs nonstop.

Beertender - Cold Draft Beer Right In Your Home [uberreview]

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