$20,000 Coffee Maker Is Redonkdonkdiculous

January 23, 2008


How much is a perfect cup of brew worth to you? If $20,000 is the answer, then this might be your new coffee maker. Currently it's the only halogen-powered siphon coffee maker in the U.S. and is at the Blue Bottle Cafe in San Francisco.

The whole process of making a cup of coffee is invigorating and lasts 45 to 90 seconds. “The whirlpool, it messes with your mind,” said Mr. Freeman, who practiced stirring plain water for months to develop muscle memory before he brewed his first cup of siphon coffee. “There’s no way to rush it.” The key to a cup of siphon coffee is the temperature variation, the flavor changes as the temperature changes. The flavor is “kaleidoscopic,” says Mr. Freeman.

Uh, okay. Not totally sure what all that means because the only coffee I drink is from 7-11 and not only is the process far from invigorating, the flavor sure as hell isn't "kaleidoscopic." I'm still going to buy one of these brewers though, so I can see what all the fuss is about. And if it sucks I'll just part it out and make some wicked bongs.

$20,000 Coffee Maker Straight from Science Lab [bornrich]

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