Wood Supercar Concept Makes Me Wonder

December 18, 2007


The Splinter supercar concept comes to us as a graduate project from some students at NC State (who undoubtedly failed). As you can see it's wooden (like this car). In theory the car would be a "600-hp, 2,500-pound goer with wood used for the chassis, body, and parts of the suspension and wheels" that's "powered by a twin-supercharged Northstar V8." It would allegedly be capable of doing 190 MPH. What a concept! Very clever students, but next time try to think outside the box -- wood is such an obvious choice for car materials. I've developed a conceptual supercar called the Candyvan. It's made out of candy. It's got a Butterfinger engine, Hershey Bar tires, Jolly Rancher windows and you steer with a giant lollipop. It's capable of doing 220 MPH on the streets of Candyland and handles turns like those found in the Marshmallow Mountains like a dream. Now that's a concept car. If it's make-believe, go all out.

A bunch more pictures after the jump, including one of the car shooting lasers out of its brake lights.






Grad students create Splinter, the wooden supercar

thanks to Paul, who enjoys fast cars and beautiful women, for the tip

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