Women's Room: A Japanese Aquarium Toilet

December 17, 2007

The women's room at Mumin Papa Cafe in Akashi, Japan is pretty awesome. It's a monster aquarium that completely surrounds you. The owner of the cafe says it cost $270,000 to build, which is pretty damn expensive for a single bathroom stall. It's filled with all sorts of exotic fish and even a male sea turtle that stares at you when you're trying to pee. Which is just wrong on so many levels. I mean sure peeking is okay, but a full blown stare? What a perv.

Note: Whatever show that was on is awesome and I'm totally moving to Japan. Oh, and doesn't it seem the owner is scrubbing the toilet just a little too lovingly at 0:18 in the video?

Luxury toilet built into aquarium [pinktentacle]

Thanks to Eddy, who is cool in my book, for the tip

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